The Vet Office and Children, Le Sigh

Not even my worst enemy…

If there is one thing I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, it is taking a rambunctious dog and toddler into a veterinarian’s office. I’ve seen moms (supermoms in my opinion) that do it with multiple children. Ladies, you are my heroes. It was crazy with just one tiny minion and a beast!

We went out of town a couple of weeks ago and boarded our dogs at our normal place. Although this is the place we always go to for boarding, this is not our usual groomer. I asked my husband if he would have the dog’s nails clipped while we were gone. That is a pretty standard procedure.

Well, he dropped the dogs off and happily came home and informed me he also scheduled them grooming as well. As hectic as my schedule has been lately I figured, hey, why not. It saves me time, right? Time is a precious commodity with a toddler by the way.

When we returned to town and picked up our dogs I noticed my dog had gotten nicked around his man parts area. I figured it was fine because it was already scabbing over.

I was wrong!

Two weeks later my dog was having incontinence issues and peeing all over my house every three hours. I thought UTI, but also thought the worse because that is the kind or worrier I am.

So off to the vet we went…

Lucky and the Toddler vs. the Vet’s Office

This is where my world turned hectic. It wouldn’t have been so crazy of a visit (after all, my child and dog are well behaved), but my dog is a terrible leash walker. I have tried all of Caesar Milan’s advice. Nothing. This dog wants to pull constantly. My poor child had adenoid removal and ear tube replacement the day prior so she was a ball of energy. Go figure.

When I started to unload the two I knew this was going to be interesting. I figured I would take the dog out first so he wouldn’t try jumping on the car seat (on the toddler) to bum-rush me out of the car. Bad idea.

I must have looked like a crazy lady with a dog pulling me on one end, saying polite curse words at him (you stupid dang dog, dag nabbit, dog gonnit, you get the picture), and trying to unbuckle a toddler at the same time. Somehow I managed.

When I reached the door it was time to compose myself. Deep breaths, lecturing the child and dog on how to behave (like they even understood), re-positioning the leash, and saying power mantra words to myself. Then the moment of truth came when I opened the door. It suddenly felt like my arm was being pulled out of the socket. The dog went one way and the toddler another. I’m certainly glad my power lecture was effective!

After a quick sign in, off to the waiting area we went. I decided my safest bet would be to hold my child in my lap and keep my dog on a short leash. They had other ideas of course. It literally felt like I was a human jungle gym with my wild child climbing all over me. Meanwhile my dog wanted to say hi to all of the other dogs. My child caught onto his cue when she noticed all of the animals there. This was all fine and dandy until a puppy growled at her. On cue, my dog growled back because no one is mean to his human but him. This is his ohana to protect after all.

It took all my strength to restrain the two while explaining to them that the other animals may not be used to children or other dogs.

The Exam Room…

After what felt like an eternity, and I’m sure was in toddler and dog time, back to the examination room we went.

The vet tech came in and when I saw the look in her eyes I knew she understood my predicament. I explained to her what was going on with my dog and told her of his previous injury to a hind leg that made lifting him a delicate procedure. She explained she had a little one at home the same age as mine. She took us to the back and weighed my dog with my toddler’s minimal intervention. We then headed back to the exam room and waited on the veterinarian. My dog decided this would be the best time to start jumping and regain energy. In my firmest, deepest motherly voice I could muster I commanded, “SIT! ” To the vet tech’s amusement and mine, both the child and dog immediately sat in place. I saw her laugh under her breath and felt myself doing the same thing.

When the veterinarian entered he started asking about the dog and even my little one. I loved his bedside manner. If only all doctors could be this way. After an examination he concluded that my dog had a UTI. Thank god and praise Jesus!

We made it out of the office with little incident afterwards. Does peeing all over the place on the way out count though? Child not included in this activity.

So that’s my crazy vet story! Other parents, what are your experiences with taking children and animals to the vet?

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Thanks for reading!

Author: Tracy Harper

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2 thoughts on “The Vet Office and Children, Le Sigh”

  1. When your little one is older you can keep her in line by asking the vet if there are any extra shots they can give the kid.

    Taking children to an appointment with you can be overwhelming. Personally, I would be afraid my monsters would bite someone’s pet and I’d have to find a new veterinarian.

    1. My little minion has bit my dog before. On the tongue. That is a scary situation for all involved. It was my fear that we would have this happen at the office. Luckily, no incident..yet..

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