Pintrest Fails That Win

I love sitting around a looking at Pintrest fails. I am that Mom whose projects always look like an evil creation meant to be trashed, so I can relate. Who are all of these perfect Moms out there that are creating personal masterpieces for their children’s lunches anyways? As long as my child eats, I am good. Especially now that she is going through the skipping dinner stage.

Sometimes when I am looking at the fail, it wins in other areas.

Here are my top five fails that win:

  1. The Zombie Ariel Cake.

(Source: Buzzfeed)

I am going to be honest, this is too scary for a kid. It would be perfect for a Halloween party though. Zombie Ariel. As you would learn from Fear the Walking Dead, even the sea isn’t safe!

  1. The Determined Baby

(Source: Pinterest Fail)

Pintrest has so many cute baby photo shoot ideas. I personally thing wrapping Christmas lights around your baby is dangerous, so I would never try that one, but this one is adorable (really though, what photo of a baby isn’t adorable?). The look of determination in his eyes is awesome and you could easily crop and change lighting in this one to get the look you want.

  1. The Textured Chair

(Source: Good Housekeeping)

Admittedly, painting fabric is hard. This person actually did it, so that is a win all by itself. I like how the red chair turned out. I personally prefer the subtle pattern. Why do you have to dis this good housekeeping?!

  1. Bottle Bottom Flowers

(Source: Bored Panda)

I think this would be a fun craft for a kid. It would never turn out perfect, which makes it beautiful. So on the upside, I found a new project for my toddler.

  1. The Hedgehog Cake

(Source: Buzzfeed)

Again, another great Halloween pastry I would be proud off.


What are some pins you failed at trying but liked the end result anyways? Let us know!

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