Brick Mailbox Border

Bricks Around the Mailbox, Oh My!

Once the weather warms up after a long winter I am itching at the bits to do yard work. I have no idea why. Maybe it is from being cooped up in the house all winter long.I definitely don’t feel like doing yard-work outside once it has been warm for a while. Especially when it hits the late summer hot 90s. Nonetheless, here I was two weeks ago trying to find something to do. I actually already had a list, but where to start? I decided to tackle my mailbox. I had put brick work around it prior, but the bricks were tan and didn’t match my house. They were also falling over.

I had the great idea that I was going to change all my borders to red brick to match my house’s brickwork. In my opinion, this adds so much to curb appeal and the home value. If you are considering any type of brick garden borders, this is very important. Consistency in design just looks great.

When I laid the bricks before, I’ll admit I did a CRAPPY job. They were always falling down and never sat in the ground securely. Some were even broken from falling over so many times. I needed a solution to this, so I googled like crazy. The easiest and cheapest solution I found was mason sand. I had never heard of this before, but apparently you are supposed to use it to help stabilize the bricks or when laying down patio bricks. For less than $5.00 a bag, it seemed liked the perfect solution to me.


These were my steps (apology for no pictures, my camera died on me for this project, but I will do better next time, promise!):

  1. Measure the area around your mailbox and get the correct amount of bricks. I am always skimpy on the step and have to return to Lowe’s for more every time. Maybe one day I will actually follow my advice. Maybe….
  2. Lay the bricks around your mailbox. You want to make sure they fit before you start digging. Stand them up just to be sure.
  3. Digging. Dig the area to fit the bricks. This took me forever because my shovel was broken so I had to use a hand garden shovel. On the plus side, my digging was extremely accurate so no bare spots ended up around my bricks.
  4. Use a leveler on the trench you dug for your bricks. You want to lay the even.
  5. Pour mason sand in the little trench. This helps ground the bricks. You can use brick liners if you want, but if your brick trench is deep enough to secure them, you don’t really need them. I tried to make sure my sand was even with a leveler afterwards.
  6. Apply the bricks. Make sure they are even. Use the rest of the sand on the inner and outer areas to secure bricks. You can add dirt over the sand afterwards so it is even.
  7. Decorate! This is the rewarding part!

For my mailbox plants I chose monkey grass and red lava rocks. I have never used lava rocks for landscaping before but I love them! They look so much better than mulch and are supposed to look better. I do think I am going to head back to Lowe’s to get more though. One bag was definitely not enough ground coverage. This project took me all day, but I love it!

What are your experiences with mailbox projects? If you laid bricks, how did you get them to stay in place? Share in the comments below!

Author: Tracy Harper

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